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The ESP8266 NodeMCU V1.0 ESP-12E WiFi module is the latest version of this popular module and can be used as a WiFi enabled replacement for an Arduino in many applications.

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Brand.: Ai-Thinker
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Besides adding WiFi capability, the main claim to fame for the ESP8266 processor over the AVR processor of the standard Arduino is that it has a larger 4 MB of Flash memory and runs at clock speeds of 80 MHz and can sometimes optionally be overclocked to 160 MHz and therefore has a very fast processing speed.

The Digital I/O all support PWM and interrupts.  In addition they can be configured to have pull-up or pull-down resistors.  Though there are 11 digital I/O pins, 2 are typically reserved for use as the TX/RX lines if serial communications are used which leaves 9 digital I/O.

The module can be powered via the USB port or by using an external 7-12V power supply connected to the VIN pin.  The module runs at 3.3V, so keep that in mind when working with I/O.  The digital I/O is stated as being 5V tolerant, but the analog input needs to be limited to

The blue on-board LED is connected to D0 (GPIO16) and can be accessed using the LED_BUILTIN constant.



  • Microcontroller:      ESP-8266 32-bit
  • Clock Speed:             80 MHz
  • USB Converter:        CP2102
  • USB Connector:       Micro USB
  • Operating Voltage:  3.3V
  • Flash Memory:         4 MB
  • Digital I/O:                11
  • Analog Inputs:          1
  • Communications:     Serial, SPI.  I2C and 1-Wire via software libraries
  • WiFi:                           Built-in 802.11 b/g/n

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