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Display control-Video Door Phone

Country of Origin.: USA
Brand.: Honeywell
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The Honeywell IS-4500 is a stylish TCP/IP based Video Door Phone system delivering the flexibility and control required for high quality property complex visitor management, property protection, intercom, message service and elevator control.

* Designed by frog
* Communication between property owner and visitors
* Communication with property owners and security guards
* Triple visitor entry identification (community/building/apartment), supported by lobby phone and door cameras.
* Security scenarios customization: 6 customized security zones, 2 24-hour protection zones (fire/gas), 2 emergency zones (silent and voice alarm)
* Up to most recent 32 color photos to store for property owners and management center
* 3 away messages, each can reach to 60 seconds
* Video Surveillance
* Information Service
* Elevator Control
* Screen lock for clean: automatically unlock when receiving incoming calls
* Customized ringtone and background (plug-play with micro SD memory card)

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