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RJ45 jack a datacom jack, or a dead jack? IntelliTone Pro 200 LAN Toner LEDs clearly identify common datacom services found on today's networks including 10/100/Gigabit Ethernet links.

Country of Origin.: USA
Brand.: Fluke Networks
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IntelliTone Pro 200 LAN Kit

  • Finds the cables the others can't
  • IntelliTone digital signal processing rejects noise and false signals
  • SmartTone analog signal precisely isolates individual wire pairs
  • Tones safely and clearly on active networks
  • Tests for continuity
  • Identifies and diagnoses 10/100/1 Gb Ethernet link connectivity with NIC/hub indication
  • Verifies twisted-pair installation with CableMap capability which identifies common cable miswire

Eliminates confusion over cable location; decisively rejects noise and false signals
Locates the correct cable bundle
Isolates a cable within the bundle, despite cable bleed
Verifies twisted-pair installation with visual end-to-end continuity test (opens, shorts and
reversed pairs)
Identifies individual wire pairs with new SmartTone™ analog toning
Simplifies signal interpretation in noisy environments with multiple LED indicators

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